Partners’ profiles

Partners’ profiles
 Bharat Jokhakar
Name: Bharat Jokhakar Qualification: B. Com, FCA

Bharat qualified as a CA in 1975. He has been in continuous practice since then. He has deep and extensive experience in Individual and Corporate Taxation, Representation, Assurance and Succession Planning. He also has substantial experience in statutory audits of PSU and Banks. He is an avid tennis player. Meditation and spirituality are his keen interests.

 Raman Jokhakar
Name: Raman Jokhakar Qualification: B.Com, FCA, Certified Internal Auditor, DISA
Professional Achievements:
  • President of Bombay Chartered Accountant Society – 2015-16
  • Served on various committees of the BCAS – Accounting and Auditing, Indirect Taxes, HR Committee, and Journal Committees
  • Co-Authored “Audit Checklist for Companies” and “Service Tax on Business Auxiliary Services and Business Support Services”
  • Worked on the shield panel of the ICAI as technical reviewer of Annual Reports of listed companies.

Raman qualified as a CA in 1997. His experience encompasses audit (internal and external), corporate law, taxation and business consultancy on a broad range of issues and clients. After CA course Raman has undertaken professional courses such as Information Systems Audit (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India), Certified Internal Auditor (Institute of Internal Auditors, Florida, USA). Raman has offered voluntary service to the Bombay Chartered Accountant Society (BCAS) ever since he became a CA. He loves music, yoga, writing, spending time with family and in nature.

 Pramod Prabhudesai
Name: Pramod Prabhudesai Qualification: B. Com. LLB (Gen) FCA, ACS
Professional Achievements:
  • Rank Holder in CA Inter and Final Examination
  • Awarded Best Paper in Auditing by ICAI in Final CA examination

Pramod qualified as a CA in 1980 and has a brilliant academic record. He has received various scholarships through his academic life. He has more than 10 years of Industry experience of handling Corporate Finance / Secretarial Matters of companies listed on Stock Exchange. He has more than 20 Years of practice experience mainly in Personal and Corporate Taxation and Company Law. He enjoys music, traveling and is an avid reader.

 Divya Jokhakar
Name: Divya Jokhakar Qualification: B.Com, FCA, IFRS.

Divya qualified as a CA in 2012. She manages tax compliance area and has also taken up representation at various IT Department level. She is a participant and speaker at the International Economic Study Circle at Bombay Chartered Accountant Society (BCAS).

She is in the Managing, Taxation and Human Development Information Initiative committee and Core Group of the Bombay Chartered Accountant Society. She is also a co-convener of International Tax Finance Study Circle at BCAS. She was also a convener & deputy convener at ICAI’s – Churchgate CPE study circle. She enjoys tennis, fitness training,blogging and volunteers for social causes.